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MOH Recommends Seasonal Influenza Vaccination for Everyone
24 October 2020

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has advised all citizens and residents, who are at high risk for complications of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the whole community to get vaccinated with seasonal influenza vaccine. “All vaccines are available at healthcare centers, and vaccination is free, safe, and with no side effects, as well as its effectiveness has been proven successful for many years worldwide,” stated MOH, adding that seasonal influenza vaccination does not prevent Covid-19 infection, but rather reduces the risk for flu infection by a large percentage.

MOH highlighted that influenza can be prevented by getting its vaccine, avoiding crowded places, washing hands well, avoiding touching eyes and the mouth directly, using tissues when sneezing and coughing, in addition to ensuring cleanliness of the place. Through seasonal influenza vaccination campaigns, MOH seeks to increase vaccination rates at healthcare centers and hospitals, reduce the rate of infected people, and lower the number of Influenza-associated hospitalizations.

It is worth mentioning that these awareness activities come in continuation of MOH’s efforts to maintain the health and safety of all members of society, promote health awareness, and encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors.

Last Update : 25 October 2020 12:44 AM
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