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MOH Launches Ada'a Health Award 2020
13 October 2020

​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced the launch of Ada'a Health Award​ in its new version 2020 in an endeavor to instill the spirit of competition among health sector employees and in continuation of MOH’s efforts to improve and develop the health services. In this year, the Award will shed light on the best examples in improving professional practices at the health facilities in the Kingdom. 

According to MOH, the nomination process for the award is based on structured and consistent methodology to improve and increase productivity and to provide advanced healthcare of positive impact on society. A panel of local and international experts in the healthcare fields participate in the award, including academics, professionals, specialist advisors and business leaders. 

To raise the levels of productivity, efficiency and quality of performance in the provision of health services in hospitals; MOH has launched "Ada'a Health", a program that paves the way for achieving health goals of the Saudi Vision 2030. It was launched 2016 with 33 hospitals and increased to 72 hospitals in 2018. It includes more than 42 key performance indicators across seven hospital domains. The program has had a huge impact on the way care is delivered to patients and resulted in over 1500 focused improvements that are implemented in hospitals that led to many success stories that have directly impacted patients and their families. 

Some of the most notable achievements include being able to treat over 87% of patients within 4 hours of their arrival in the emergency unit compared to 36% prior to the launch of the program in 2016, in addition to helping more than 1,900 employees to gain the required skills to boost decision making and select and lead improvement projects based on the measurement of key performance indicators. 

The program has achieved a number of international recognitions such as MCA award (international project category) for 2018, the appreciation award (best quality category) for 2019 and CQI award in London. MOH has rolled out this program to include over 150 hospitals and has incorporated over 700 primary healthcare centers with an expansion to more than 10 hospital domains. The goal is to be able to standardize the KPIs being measured and upload these into a dashboard that will help the ministry monitor performance, draw meaningful insights and make decisions that will continually provide better, safer and more efficient care to the patients and citizens in the Kingdom

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