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MOH Activates World Mental Health Day
13 October 2020

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has activated the World Mental Health Day 2020, which focuses on depression, with the aim of raising awareness about the early symptoms of depression, clarifying the difference between depression and temporary sadness and types of depression and method of treatment. It also aims to correct the misconception about depression and highlighting the services provided by MOH in this field.

The ministry defined depression as a mental disorder, which causes loss of pleasure, lack of activity, feeling of lethargy and fatigue, sleep disorder, appetite increase or decrease, and feeling worthless and self-blame. 

It added that the causes of depression could be external such social events (marital disputes), or financial or sad events (death of a loved one), or internal causes leading to a defect in brain function. Depression is linked to a number of risk factors, including stressful events such as: death of a close relative, financial problems, as well as genetic factors and some acute or chronic diseases such as tumors, heart diseases and some medications.  

Also, depression affects people in different ways and may cause wide range of symptoms that may vary between a constant feeling of sadness and despair, loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed, and frequently crying. People with depression may also show anxiety symptoms and physical symptoms such as: feeling exhausted all the time, not having adequate sleep, loss of appetite, low sexual drive and complaining from body aches. It indicated that depression can be treated by drugs or psychotherapy sessions or combination of both, depending on the type of depression. 

MOH added that there are several ways to prevent depression and help diagnose it in its early stages, including: exercising regularly, having a network of supportive family and friends, especially in time of crisis, getting acquainted with adequate and reliable information about depression, particularly if you vulnerable to and trying to deal with and reduce stress.

Last Update : 14 October 2020 10:02 AM
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