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Over 1.9 Million Calls Handled by 937-Service Center Last Month
06 October 2020

​​According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), over the past month (September), 937-Service Center has handled 1,955,944 calls, including 597,228 medical consultations, 476,835 general inquiries, 410,849 requests for booking appointment at primary healthcare centers (PHCs), 136,691 reports, and 269,815 COVID-19 related inquiries. 

It is worth mentioning that 937-Service Center features over 3,000 customer service specialists and a doctor, working through various channels, including telephone, social media, email, e-applications, and instant chat on MOH website. The Center provides the following services: medical consulting with qualified doctors, appointment reservation at PHCs, smoking cessation clinic appointments, and technical support for MOH e-applications. It provides other services including medical referrals and treatment requests, complaints and reporting, taking suggestions and creative ideas, general inquiries, and transaction follow-up.

Also, the Center continues to provide its 24/7​ services to beneficiaries and the community by voicing their demands and concerns. It operates in a manner where beneficiaries are the focal point. The call center provides all kinds of services to them. Moreover, its role goes beyond just receiving calls. It also follows up on reports and complaints and makes sure they are closed measures satisfaction, and makes suggestions to improve services. Furthermore, the 937 Call Center analyzes data and provides statistics and recommendations to ensure services are constantly enhanced. It also provides innovative solutions to maintain service quality and support the development of services and businesses. The call center also supports the electronic applications launched by MOH. The Center operates, among many, under MOH’s General Department of Call Centers. It operates alongside with a call center specialized in the business sector, and another specialized in personnel services.

Last Update : 07 October 2020 03:02 AM
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