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Al-Ahsa: First Extraction of Amniotic Fluid at Maternity and Children Hospital
05 October 2020


The specialized medical teams in the Embryology and Risk Pregnancy Unit of the Meternity and Children Hospital- Al-Ahsa have successfully performed the first extraction of amniotic fluid (the liquid ​surrounding the fetus) from a pregnant woman. The procedure aims to detect birth defects of the chromosomal diseases such as Down syndrome, or other genetic diseases in the fetus. In the event the mother has a history of the disease, she will be given a follow-up plan to ensure a healthy pregnancy until birth.​

It is to be noted that the 450-bed capacity hospital has recently introduced this procedure in order to provide integrated health services to citizens and residents in the Al-Ahsa provinces. The hospital is enhanced with cutting-edge equipment and highly qualified physicians and medical staff. 

Last Update : 06 October 2020 12:14 PM
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