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Tabuk Health Affairs Obtains SCHS Institutional Accreditation in Postgraduate Studies
30 September 2020

​Tabuk Health Affairs has obtained the institutional accreditation of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) for 24 months, as a training center in the field of occupational postgraduate studies, after meeting all accreditation standards. ​

According to the Affairs, King Khaled Hospital, King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Eradah Complex for Mental Health, Maternity and Children Hospital, Dentistry Specialist Center, Al-Sulamaniyah Healthcare Center, Al-Mahrajan Healthcare Center, Al-Woroud Healthcare Center and Al-Saada Healthcare Center have been accredited as training centers. 

It confirmed that such accreditation will contribute to raising the efficiency of doctors as well as the medical, educational and clinical staff at the training centers in the health postgraduate studies; thus providing an excellent learning environment for trainers and trainees and enabling the trainees to receive high quality training that qualify them for a safe professional practice in their specialties.

Last Update : 30 September 2020 08:55 PM
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