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MOH Publishes Video on Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Case Management
19 September 2020

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has published, via its Twitter page and its educational platform «Live Well», a video ​(Available only in Arabic)​ on how to deal in case of infection with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), contacting with confirmed cases, or even wishing to make sure.

The video highlighted that the infected person, who may develop obvious symptoms, must head to one of Rest Assured «Tetamman» clinics available across the Kingdom, in addition to adhering to home isolation for 10 days after symptoms onset until the end of the period and the symptoms disappear, meanwhile following the precautionary measures after recovering.

Furthermore, the video showed that if you have been in close contact with patients or those who are expecting to be infected people at the same house, with whom you have previously communicated by shaking hands, touching, or not keeping physical distancing of less than 2 meters and for more than 15 minutes, you must register in one of «Tetamman» clinics and promptly begin home-isolation for 14 days with no need to conduct COVID-19 lab test, as the incubation period may be missed from sample collection.

As for those people wishing to make sure, the video indicated that they could go to one of Make Sure «Taakkad» Centers. Then, if they receive positive test results with proven infection, they must follow precautions at home. Also, even if results were negative, they should adhere to such precautions and apply safety conditions.

Last Update : 20 September 2020 01:05 PM
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