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MOH Highlights Importance of Caring for Elderly Patients with CKD Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
17 September 2020

The Ministry of Health(MOH)  has reiterated that responsibility is doubled towards patients with chronic kidney diseases (CKD), especially the elderly, amid Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Hence, MOH has called for the importance of maintaining their safety by adhering to precautionary measures, as well as being careful not to infect them.

Through an infographic published on its Twitter page and its awareness platform «#Live Well», MOH has highlighted that that the elderly patients with CKD need intensive care amid this pandemic, by adhering to precautionary measures, as well as monitoring their blood pressure and health status. Also, MOH has underlined the importance of constant communication with the treating physician, while contacting the medical team directly when necessary.

Last Update : 17 September 2020 12:55 PM
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