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Makkah: Over 50,000 Prescriptions by King Faisal Hospital
13 September 2020

King Faisal Hospital- Makkah has provided its services to 6,083 patients since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, 51,166 prescriptions were refilled, 25,703 x-rays were performed, and 21,708 beneficiaries were served by the emergency department. 

The hospital’s virtual clinics provide medical and therapeutic services to the patient who can make an appointment with the doctor through a WhatsApp number. Through a direct phone call, the doctor answers the patient’s inquiries and provides the necessary medical service, including medication refill or requesting x-ray or lab testing. Also, the hospital’s services include delivering the prescribed medicines for patients with chronic diseases to their homes through “Your Medication to Your Home” initiative.

Last Update : 14 September 2020 05:32 AM
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