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Najran: Over 5,000 Patients Served by Consultation Clinics of Primary Healthcare Centers in 6 Months
09 September 2020

According to Najran Health Affairs, over the first half of this year, the qualified medical cadres of consultation clinics at primary healthcare centers in Al-Hudhn, Al-Dhubbat, Sultanah, and Sharourah districts have provided healthcare services to 5,118 patients in the following specialties: family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, and pediatrics.

“These consultation clinics of such healthcare centers aim at serving patients in districts instead of going to hospitals, reducing patient waiting times at hospitals, as well as improving the level of health services at healthcare centers in such a manner that meets their beneficiaries’ aspirations,” stated the Affairs.
It is noted that, over the first half of this year, primary healthcare centers in the region have served 730,962 beneficiaries at injection, dental, chronic disease, healthy child clinics, in addition to radiology and laboratory examinations.

Last Update : 10 September 2020 06:14 AM
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