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Bisha: Over 3,000 Beneficiaries of Endocrine Glands and Diabetes Center
08 September 2020

​According to Bisha Health affairs, over the first half of this year, the Endocrine Glands and Diabetes Center has provided its services to 3,969 beneficiaries. The center features a number of specialized clinics, including: diabetes clinic for adults and children and endocrine glands clinic for adults and children, for treatment of type1 and type 2 diabetes in coordination with the health education clinic. The clinic notifies the patient on the type and cause of diabetes and provides him with the appropriate treatment options. In addition, the clinical nutrition clinic prepares a diet as per the health condition of each patient. The other clinics are diabetic foot, oral and dental health, and diabetic eye clinic. 

Last Update : 09 September 2020 04:45 PM
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