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Riyadh: Eye Clinics Inaugurated at 5 Peripheral Hospitals
06 September 2020

​According to Riyadh Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year, the re-equipment and operation of eye clinics at 5 peripheral hospitals (with a less than 100-bed capacity) have been completed, in addition to finishing  the preparation of eye (ophthalmology) clinics at other 18 hospitals; with a view to meeting patients’ needs, under the supervision of Saudi consultant physicians. This will spare residents of the governorates the burden of traveling to Riyadh.

Also, the first clinic for glaucoma diagnosis and treatment in Riyadh has been inaugurated at Huraymala General Hospital; focusing at the beginning of this year on cataract (white water) surgeries, routine and one-day surgeries, and glaucoma diagnosis and treatment; which resulted in 21 successful cataract surgeries within a month, May Allah be praised.

Furthermore, physicians from 7 peripheral hospitals have been trained on minor surgeries, while the rest physicians have been training and evaluating by consultants at reference hospitals, Besides, 3 optometrists have been trained at reference hospitals, as well as developing a plan to train others in delicate specialties, in addition to training 8 nurses; to improve their efficiency to help in eye surgeries. 

Moreover, ophthalmology departments have been expanded at King Khalid Hospital-Al-Kharj and King Khalid Hospital-Al-Majma’ah; with a view to increasing productivity. Surgical waiting lists have also been reduced by referring patients from Al-Majma’ah to Shaqra and Huraymala Hospitals. Huraymala Hospital has developed the operating microscope by adding a piece that improves lighting; the matter which will be applied in the future to the rest of devices, after proving its efficiency within 6 months of increasing productivity.

Riyadh Health Affairs has enhanced Huraymala Hospital with phaco equipment for cataract surgery, glaucoma laser device, and a retinoscope, as well as enhancing Shaqra with lenses and surgical supplies, Al-Quwayiyah Hospital with a retinal laser and an eye unit, Al-Dawadmi Hospital with an ocular ultrasound device, and King Khalid Hospital-Al-Kharj with an OCT machine.

Also, the Affairs has developed eye clinics at the following Hospital: Al-Rain, Al-Jamsh, Al-Hariq, Sajer, Al-Aflaj, Thadiq, Hawtat Bani Tamim, Al-Muzahimiyah, and Huraymala, as well as enhancing them with Handheld forward-imaging needle endoscope, ophthalmoscope, and optical devices.

Over and above, two additional eye clinics have been equipped in Al-Kharj and Al-Majma’ah, in addition to completing the equipment of the eye clinic in King Khalid Hospital-Al-Majma’ah, Hawtat Bani Tamim Hospital, Wadi Al Dawasir Hospital, and King Khalid Hospital-Al Kharj. Besides, ophthalmology departments have been enhanced with 3 consultants at 5 hospitals: Shaqra Hospital, Ad-Dawadmi Hospital, Huraymala Hospital, King Khaled Hospital-Al-Kharj, and King Khalid Hospital-Al-Majma’ah.

Utilizing geographical convergence, a specialist doctor from Al-Jamsh Hospital has been mandated to work at Nfi Hospital, from Al-Zulfi Hospital to work at Artawiyah Hospital, and from Hotat Sudair Hospital to work at Tamir Hospital and Al-Majma’ah Hospital, and from Afif Hospital and Saj Hospital to train and part-time work at Dawadmi Hospital. Also, an optometrists from Al-Majma’ah have been mandated to work at Hotat Sudair and Zulfi, from Al-Kharj to work at Ad-Dilam and Aflaj, and from As-Sulayyil to work at Wadi Al-Dawasir.

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