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Najran: Visual Triage Stations Serve Over 2M Beneficiaries
01 September 2020

​Najran Health Affairs has announced the end of the work of the virtual triage stations and awareness activities at the region’s entry points. They total 8 stations at the following places: Bir Askar, Khabash, Al-Husainiah, Sharoura, Sultanat Al-Aziziah, Yadmah, Badr Al-Janoub and central Najran. Since they were launched last March, the stations have served 2,412,316 beneficiaries with the participation of 246 MOH’s staff. ​

According to the Affairs, the visual triage stations conduct early detection of risk factors, refer suspected cases to health facilities to take the necessary measures as per the guidelines on dealing with COVID-19 cases. Their services also include educating citizens and residents on using sanitizers, washing hands, committing to the preventive measures by keeping safe distance from others, avoiding gatherings and communicating with MOH in case of suspected cases of COVID-19.

Last Update : 01 September 2020 01:41 PM
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