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MOH: Information Should Be Obtained from Relevant Sources, COVID-19 Symptoms May Vary
23 August 2020

​The Assistant Minister of Health and MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, has revealed that over 40 protocols are in place to protect almost all aspects of life. They are available so that everyone can view them, he said. He stressed that information should be obtained from relevant resources, symptoms vary from an individual to another, and that the 937 services are available 24/7. He added that 1,109 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the Kingdom, bringing the total cases to 307,479. These include 23,687 active cases, still receiving medical care. Their health condition is mostly stable, with the exception of 1,644 critical cases.

The MOH spokesman made this statement in the COVID-19 briefing held on Sunday, which also hosted the Ministry of Interior (MOI) spokesman, Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub. Dr. Al-Abdulaali mentioned that 1,702 COVID-19 recoveries were reported, bringing the total number of recoveries to 280,143 to date. And 30 new deaths were reported, bringing the total deaths to 3,649. 52,313 new COVID-19 lab tests have been conducted throughout the Kingdom, bringing the total tests to 4,674,950 tests.

“Cautiously, we have managed to return to normal life,” Al-Abdulaali said, “and thanks to caution, we are moving on to stability.” He reiterated that putting on a facemask is a must when returning to work, and so is avoiding handshaking. Similar measures had protected us from a bigger MERS outbreak, he added.

For his part, the MOI spokesperson, Lt. Col. Al-Shalhoub mentioned that security men are still applying restrictions on gatherings, and monitoring compliance with the preventive measures meant to prevent transmission of infection. 

Last Update : 25 August 2020 10:24 PM
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