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Madinah: «Tetamman» Clinics Services to be Provided by Al-Sumairi Healthcare Center- Yanbu
20 August 2020

​According to Madinah Health Affairs, Al-Sumairi Healthcare Center in Yanbu province has been allocated as a center for «Tetamman» Clinics to serving the province’s population, including citizens, residents and residence violators, without appointments.​

The clinics feature visual triage station, vital signs measurement room, 2 medical examination clinics, 2 waiting rooms, a laboratory, COVID-19 blood collection and testing room, an ECG clinic, a pharmacy, and a critical and emergency cases room. It added that the clinics are enhanced with 26 health practitioners, including physicians, technicians and nursing staff, who work for two shifts, or 16 hours a day.

It is to be noted that the number of patients served by the clinics has amounted to 11,600, with an average of 179 patients per day.  

Last Update : 23 August 2020 05:14 AM
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