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MOH: Mobile Hospital Prepared for This Year’s Hajj
27 July 2020

c. The hospital will be operational from Dhu al-Hijjah 8th, 1441H. The hospital features 2 ICU beds, 6  beds for moderate cases, 5 chairs for mild cases, 2 automated external defibrillators, 2 ventilators, 4 suction devices, 4 portable oxygen cylinders, 5 ambulance bags, 12 central oxygen outlets, 10 wall pressure gauges, 4 thermometers, 6 stretchers, 2 spine fractures stretchers, and a wheelchair, in addition to other suppotive medical devices​.

It is noteworthy that MOH has prepared several health facilities at the holy sites for this year’s Hajj season, including Mina Al-Wadi Hospital, a healthcare center at Arafat, a field hospital, a mobile clinic, 6 highly equipped ambulances, and 3 clinics at pilgrims' residences.

Last Update : 29 July 2020 04:11 AM
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