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MOH Announces Precautionary Measures for Pilgrims' Safety​
26 July 2020

In the context of its efforts to maintain the health and safety of pilgrims, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is implementing several medical procedures to guarantee a healthy and safe Hajj season amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this vein, MOH is keen to apply the highest standards of health safety and preventive measures for the safety of pilgrims until they return to their place of residence safely. It is also keen to apply health quarantine on all pilgrims before and after Hajj performance to ensure that they are free from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Muslims from 160 nationalities will perform Hajj this year in accordance with the highest level of health standards that strictly apply social distancing for the safety of all. MOH called on all pilgrims to abide by all preventive measures, including social distancing, wearing face mask and maintaining personal hygiene to ensure their safety and the safety of other pilgrims.  

It is noteworthy that MOH has prepared several health facilities in the holy sites, including Mina Al-Wadi Hospital, 29 health centers in Arafat, a field hospital, a mobile clinic, 6 highly equipped ambulances and 3 clinics at pilgrims' residences. A number of medical and technical staff are also involved in providing health services to pilgrims.

Furthermore, MOH has intensified its preparations to deal with cases of heat stress and other heat-related ailments that are expected to occur this year with rising temperatures. It has equipped its facilities in the holy sites to attend to cases of heat stress and heat stroke and treat them. It has provided water-spray fans that are effective in reducing cases of heat stress and heatstroke.

Last Update : 28 July 2020 03:59 AM
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