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Jazan: Over 1,700 Pre-marital Screenings Conducted in the Past 3 Months
25 July 2020

According to Jazan Health Affairs, over the past three months, the primary healthcare centers in the region have conducted more than 1,700 pre-marital screenings for couples planning to get married among citizens and residents.

It is noted that the Affairs provides pre-marital screening services (whether lab tests or medical counseling sessions) through  7 healthcare centers, namely: Dhabya Primary Healthcare Center, Al-Qa‘areyah Healthcare Center, Al-Migasas Healthcare Center, Bani Malik Primary Care Center, Al-Eidabi Healthcare Center, and Al-Duray‘eya Healthcare Center , and Al-Darb healthcare Center.

These services are available at healthcare centers to facilitate access to beneficiaries of these services and reduce pressure on hospitals. Those wishing to benefit from these services shall book an appointment via «Mawid» App.

Last Update : 26 July 2020 09:30 AM
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