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Over 179,000 Patients Served by Al-Qunfudhah Healthcare Centers in 6 Months
21 July 2020

According to Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs, over the first half of this year, affiliated healthcare centers (totaling 44) have served 179,383 patients; with 38,639 in the Northern Sector, 33,045 in the Eastern Sector, 21,555 in the Southern Al-Aradheyah Sector, 24,147 in the Northern Al-Aradheyah Sector, 28,546 in Heley Sector, and 33,451 patients in Yebah Sector.

Besides, the healthcare centers have performed 23,530 lab tests and 2,625 radiological examinations, as well as vaccinating 15,029 children.

It is noted that Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs has allocated 4 healthcare centers that operate with extended working hours, (for 16 hours), namely: Uhud Bani Zaid Healthcare Center, Thulatha Bani Issa Healthcare Center, Thaloth Amara Healthcare Center, and Al-Quoz Healthcare Center. Also, the Affairs provides its services through 5 hospitals and 44 health centers.

Last Update : 22 July 2020 07:18 AM
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