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MOH's Command and Control Center Intensifies Efforts during COVID-19 Pandemic
19 July 2020

The MOH's Command and Control Center (CCC) has continued its strenuous surveillance efforts during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Center has been closely watching updates since the onset of the pandemic to date.

CCC is considered a public health emergency center in the Kingdom. CCC operates under the supervision of MOH, in cooperation with the departments of the Ministry and health departments in all regions of the Kingdom. It also operates in cooperation with local and international experts. CCC maintains constant contact with international organizations to ensure complete preparedness and speed in terms of facing public health threats. It ensures that this is done with the highest levels of efficiency.


The objectives of CCC are centered on making MOH prepared for facing public health threats. It also handles health monitoring with the aim of addressing these threats and staying updated on health events both locally and globally.


 It also assesses and addresses risks before and during their occurrence. This happens by performing tasks that could reduce the possibility of catching diseases. This includes taking preventive measures, making adequate preparation to improve the health infrastructure, training professionals, and mobilizing the necessary resources.


CCC also prepares action plans to be implemented to address the dangers of health disasters. Moreover, it implements simulation training on action plans to face hazards.


Moreover, the Center performs epidemiological surveillance. It looks out for possible threats through observing the readiness of MOH and all the health facilities affiliated to it across all regions of the Kingdom.


 CCC, furthermore, handles rapid responses to public health threats, developing specific action plans to address epidemics of all kinds, and monitoring all response operations to the emergence of cases or outbreaks.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, MOH's CCC has been taking many precautionary measures. It has also been implementing the international health regulations followed in similar cases. It has also fully coordinated with all relevant authorities to deal with this event and properly address it by taking preventive measures. These measures include closely monitoring the situation of the pandemic by communicating with WHO and other available sources.


Noteworthy, since the emergence of COVID-19, MOH has taken many proactive measures and implemented several initiatives that have had a tangible impact. With the support of the wise leadership and the efforts of MOH staff, the pandemic was successfully dealt with. Its effects were mitigated on both individuals and the community, and convenient medical care was provided to positive COVID-19 cases. The highest levels of coordination and care were maintained by all relevant sectors in order to deal with the spread of the virus. In addition, meetings were held on a daily basis, headed by MOH's COVID-19 Monitoring Committee.


 MOH has also reinforced procedures for monitoring and controlling the spread of the virus at the Kingdom's entry points. Health observation centers were equipped and all incoming individuals at the Kingdom were examined.


In addition, MOH prepared a health guide to deal with suspected COVID-19 cases, alongside with all necessary laboratory tests. Furthermore, the Ministry updated the Health Electronic Surveillance Network (HESN) and activated the tasks of the National Health Emergency Operations Center (NHEOC), which receives and monitors all information and reports from all health facilities in the Kingdom around the clock.


The Kingdom is among the first countries to provide the COVID-19 special confirmatory testing, known for its high level of accuracy. The Ministry has also launched the COVID-19 self-assessment service through 'Mawid' application.

Users answer a questionnaire that comprises questions related to the novel Coronavirus, such as their vital signs, recent travels, and contact with others. The application helps citizens and residents check on their health. It provides them with the right instructions based on the status of each individual case. 'Mawid' advises them to see a doctor, contact the 937 Call Center, or go to the hospital.  

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