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The Kingdom’s Monitoring of Recoveries Outstanding Worldwide, MOH Says

​The Assistant Minister of Health and MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, has revealed that 2,764 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the Kingdom, bringing the total cases to 243,238. These include 53,246 active cases, still receiving medical care. Their health condition is mostly stable, with the exception of 2,206 critical cases. 

Al-Abdulaali made this statement during the COVID-19 briefing held on Thursday. He said that the number of new recoveries has amounted to 4,574, bringing the total recoveries to date to 187,622. And 45 new deaths were reported, bringing the total deaths to 2,370. And 58,190 new COVID-19 tests have been conducted, bringing the total tests to 2,494,873 tests. 

Of the reported cases, 39% are female, and 61% are males. Only 5% of the reported cases are older persons, 10% are children, and 85% are adults, he said pointing out that Takkad Centers have received 660,099 patients and (Tetamman) Clinics 364,390.​

Al-Abdali emphasized that everyone who cares for the elderly should abide by wearing a face mask, washing hands, keeping a distance from him, and not sharing personal tools, and wearing the mask and glove while providing personal hygiene to him. He advised patients with chronic diseases to take care of themselves, practice their daily hobbies, follow-up their treatment plan, and to eat a healthy diet.

He said that one of the most important signs of recovery from COVID-19 is that enough time has already passed since the symptoms have disappeared, affirming that the treating doctor is the one who makes the decision. He pointed out that the Kingdom is one of the countries who were outstanding in monitoring the recoveries since they were tens and hundreds until reaching now larger numbers. 

According to Dr. Al-Abdulaali, anyone who has symptoms or wants an assessment can use the self-assessment service on ‘Mawid’ application, or can visit one of the 237 (Tetamman) clinics devoted by MOH to serving individuals who show COVID-19 symptoms. Citizens who have questions can also inquire or seek advice by calling the 937 Call Center, available 24/7. The call center is now made closer to everyone than ever. Citizens can also benefit from its interactive services through WhatsApp application on the number 920005937. They can have access to health information and updates on COVID-19. The service also provides users with information on blood donation and primary health care centers (PHCs). Besides, it enables them to reserve appointments.

The attached table​ shows number of COVID-19 Cases, recoveries, and deaths in the Kingdom.

Last Update : 23 July 2020 12:46 PM
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