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MOH: Leaders’ Support Proved Instrumental for Increasing ICU Bed Capacity during the Pandemic
16 July 2020

MOH said that the Kingdom's proactive response to COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increasing ICU bed capacity. The great support shown by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH the Crown Prince has played a major role in this increase. The ICU bed capacity has increased by nearly 30% during the past three months in the health sector. Over 2,800 beds were added in ICUs in the Kingdom’s various regions.

MOH highlighted the efforts made under the current competitive conditions among all countries of the world to obtain such equipment. This reflects the keenness of the Kingdom to maintain the safety of citizens and residents and putting their health as its top priority.

Moreover, raising ICUs bed capacity in various regions of the Kingdom has contributed to providing proper medical care to patients. Occupancy rates are closely monitored and controlled by making new beds available around the clock. 

Noteworthy, since the onset of the pandemic, MOH has taken many proactive measures and launched several qualitative initiatives that had a tangible impact. With the support of the wise leadership and the efforts of the MOH staff, the pandemic was dealt with successfully. Its effects on individuals and society were mitigated and patients were provided with medical care as needed. Furthermore, coordination took place between all concerned sectors to control the spread of the virus. Additionally, continuous daily meetings were held under the chairmanship of MOH for the committee concerned with following up the developments in the COVID-19 situation. 

The procedures for monitoring and controlling the novel Corona virus were also reinforced at the Kingdom's entry points. Health observation centers were equipped and all individuals entering the Kingdom got examined. Furthermore, the Command and Control Center at MOH has undertaken several precautions and applied the international health regulations followed in such cases. It also closely monitors the situation of the pandemic by communicating with WHO and other available sources. In addition, it conducts health assessments on incoming individuals through specialized outlets and then conducts a follow-up to ensure their safety.

The Global Center for Mass Gathering Medicine at MOH has also developed ‘Salem Tool’ as a method of assessing health risks during gatherings and events. It provides recommendations concerned with promoting health safety and preventions the risks of COVID-19. These recommendations were published on the Ministry's website.

Last Update : 17 July 2020 10:53 PM
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