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Jazan: 95 Healthcare Centers Activate «Wasfaty» Online Service
13 July 2020

Jazan Health Affairs has activated My Prescription «Wasfaty» Online Platform at 95 healthcare centers. The «Wasfaty» Service enables patients to dispense medicine from the nearest center. The healthcare centers are distributed among the region’s health sectors as follows: 15 centers in the central sector, 15 in the northern sector, 16 in the middle sector, 24 in the southern sector, 22 in the western sector, 2 in the mountain sector and 1 center in Bani Malik sector. 

The «Wasfaty» Service, over the period from the beginning of October 2019 until the end of last June, has dispensed​ more than 220,000 prescriptions, of which 15,187 were dispensed in June. Also, 62 e-prescriptions have been dispensed and delivered to the homes of patients with chronic diseases last month, in cooperation with the participating pharmacies. In a bid to expand the service, the Affairs has trained doctors of Jazan diabetes center to activate the service at the center for the sake of patients with diabetes.  

Last Update : 14 July 2020 03:58 AM
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