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Madinah: (Tetamman) Clinics Serve Over 10,000 Beneficiaries
10 July 2020

According to Madinah Health Affairs, (Tetamman) Clinics have served a total of 10,143 beneficiaries since they were launched.  In its report, the Affairs indicated that more than 2,484,108 persons have benefited from the awareness-raising activities at commercial centers, public markets and labor housings. The beneficiaries included 1,203,000 at the Prophet Mosque and 13,579 at neighborhood mosques. The field awareness also included residential residence of workers, benefiting 194,315 of them. In addition, 30,411 have benefited from the awareness-raising activities provided by the healthcare centers, and 4,171 from the awareness activities by the mobile clinics. Also, 59,666 have benefited from the active surveillance.  

The awareness raising activities have benefited 129,176 persons at the neighborhoods, 232,338 at malls, 342,136 at public markets and more than 23,486 at government agencies. 

Last Update : 14 July 2020 03:40 AM
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