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 MOH Publishes Awareness Video on Protection Against COVID-19
28 June 2020

Through an awareness video published on its Twitter page and awareness platform “live Well”, the Ministry of Health (MOH) stressed that returning to normal life dose not mean that the virus has ended, and called on every one to abide by the precautionary measures to protect themselves and others and to make cautious return to normalcy. The precautionary measures include wearing face mask in public places, avoiding gatherings, staying away from narrow and closed areas and keeping a distance of 2 meters away from others.

It also underlined the importance of disinfecting workplace surfaces, avoiding eating with coworkers, maintaining social distancing, wearing mask all the time, avoiding shake hands at official and family meetings and disinfecting your hands or washing them frequently. 

Last Update : 30 June 2020 03:45 AM
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