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East Jeddah Hospital Bed Capacity Increased to 300 Beds
26 June 2020

​The Director-General of Jeddah Health Affairs, Dr. Meshal Al-Sayali, has inaugurated the expansion of East Jeddah bed capacity to 300 beds. The new bed capacity represents a paradigm shift in improving the health services provided by the hospital.

The hospital is one of the largest and most advanced health facilities in Jeddah province and includes an integrated system of diagnostic and therapeutic services. A number of hospital’s departments have obtained accreditation of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) as training centers, namely: internal medicine, surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic, ophthalmology, ENT and dentistry department. The hospital also has an expanded maternity and children department and neonatal department, as well as other major medical departments. The hospital is enhanced with highly qualified medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies. 

Also, the hospital features several treatment centers, including developmental and behavioral disorder, pain treatment, oncology, one-day surgery, burn unit, well-equipped laboratory and outpatient clinics. In addition, the emergency department has been expanded to receive as many patients as possible.
The new bed capacity is distributed as follows: ICU 62 beds, surgery department 80, obstetrics and gynecology department 40 beds, and the emergencies 41 beds.

Last Update : 30 June 2020 03:48 AM
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