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Jazan: 50 Medical Students Trained on Dealing with COVID-19 Cases
25 June 2020

Jazan Health Affairs, in collaboration with Jazan University, has organized a training program entitled “Basic Infection Control Skills and Epidemiological Investigation Principles”. The program aims to train and qualify 50 medical student volunteers (fifth and sixth year) of the Medicine College, Jazan University.

The program highlights the basic infection control skills, personal protection against the Coronavirus and means of prevention. Also, the trainees have acquired the basic skills to deal with the infected cases, as well as minimizing the risk of transmitting the infection for patients, health workers and community members. 

The program also reviews the epidemiological investigation principles of COVID-19 patients as a prelude to launch the epidemiological investigation initiative, which includes communicating with infected cases, identifying those who came in contact with Coronavirus cases, evaluating infected cases and then taking the necessary medical procedure, accordingly. 

Last Update : 02 July 2020 01:20 PM
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