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The Northern Borders Activates 8 «Tetamman» Clinics
25 June 2020

The Northern Border Health Affairs has designated eight 24/7 «Tetamman» clinics to receive and serve beneficiaries throughout the Kingdom. There are three clinics at old Arar Hospital-Arar, in addition to a clinic in each of Turaif General Hospital, Rafha Central Hospital, Al-Uwayqilah General Hospital, Al-Jadidah Hospital, and Shobat Nissab Hospital. These clinics are fully equipped, featuring a visual triage point, a registration point, an examination room, a radiology and electrocardiogram room, a pharmacy, and a blood collection (phlebotomy) room.

These clinics provide services for everyone who develops Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, such as high temperature, without any prior appointment.

It is worth mentioning that these clinics dramatically contributes to facilitating the adopted procedures and reducing the pressure on (or referral to) hospitals, amid COVID-19 pandemic. Since their launch to date, these clinics have collected 206 samples, and dispensed 168 prescriptions.

Last Update : 01 July 2020 10:00 AM
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