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Najran: High Turnout and Ongoing Interaction with (Tetamman) Clinics Services
24 June 2020

According to Najran Health Affairs, (Tetamman) Clinics have witnessed a high turnout form citizens and residents to benefit from the services provided by the clinics around the clock. They expressed their thanks to the clinics’ staff and their satisfaction with the services provided. 

The Clinics have received 2,078 patients who show COVID-19 symptoms such as: high fever and shortness of breath, and provided them with the required medical care. 

The patients received by the (Tetamman) Clinics were distributes as follows: 1,083 in Najran city, 411 in Sharourah province, 180 in Hubuna,175 in Yadamah, 86 in Thar, 85 in Badr Al-Janoub and 56 in Khubash. The services provided by the clinics include visual triage, medical diagnosis, ECG, x-ray, laboratory analysis, COVID-19 swab testing and pharmacy service, adds the Affairs.   
It is noteworthy that the Affairs has devoted 8 clinics, 1 at King Khaled Hospital, 1 at Najran General Hospital and 6 in other provinces of the region for serving all citizens, residents and residency violators, who have COVID-19 symptoms, without appointments. The clinics operate from 08:am to 12:00 am throughout the week. 

Last Update : 28 June 2020 03:39 AM
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