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​ Al-Jouf Health Affairs Activates 8 «Tetamman» Clinics
23 June 2020

Al-Johf Health Affairs keeps on activating «Tetamman» Clinics with the aim of providing medical care to patients early on and reducing referrals to hospitals. There are 8 centers distributed across Al-Jouf city and provinces as follows: Al-Souq and Al-Matar Healthcare center and Al-Zohour Healthcare Center in Sakakah city, Al-Hamidiyah Healthcare Center, Al-Riffa Healthcare Center, Al-Issaweya Healthcare, Al-Haditha residence Healthcare Center and Al-Haditha General Hospital in Al-Qurayat Province, Al-Safa Healthcare Center in Dumat Al-Jandal province, and Hadraj Healthcare Center and Al-Dauja Healthcare Center in Tabarjal province. More than 500 persons have benefited from the centers’ services. 

According to the Affairs, MOH has launched «Tetamman» Clinics initiative to serving individuals who want to be reassured about their health when showing COVID-19 symptoms. They can directly head to these clinics without a prior appointment, instead of going to the hospitals’ emergency departments. MOH has provided a service on its portal, enabling persons to know the locations of «Tetamman» Clinics.​

It pointed out that the center receives those suspected of COVID-19 infection through two tracks: first, visual triage, which includes collecting required information, second, COVID-19 vital signs point, where the doctor performs clinical evaluation by collecting information such as: patient history, symptoms history, family history, and date of contacting a confirmed case. After having all information, the doctor determines the track for each patient, whether after taking a swab sample after which an appointment will be made with a healthcare center. if the swab is not needed the patient will be advised to return home and abide by all precautionary measures and to come back to the center if he shows some of COVID-19 symptoms.

Last Update : 24 June 2020 02:56 PM
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