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995 Surgeries Performed by Jazan Hospitals Last Month
23 June 2020
According to Jazan Health Affairs, over the past month, Jazan hospitals have performed 995 surgeries (851 major and 144 minor), with 876 emergency surgeries.

“The surgeries included 464 at obstetrics and gynecology department, 246 at general surgery department, 141 at orthopedic and spinal surgery department, 29 at plastic surgery department, 23 at urologic surgery department, 22 at pediatric surgery department, 18 at ENT department, 16 at dental and maxillofacial surgery department, 14 at neurosurgery department, 12 at vascular surgery department, 5 at cardiothoracic surgery department, and 5 surgeries at ophthalmology surgery department, stated the Affairs.

The Affairs added that all these surgeries have been performed by its affiliated hospitals, with 247 by King Fahd Central Hospital, 240 by Sabya General Hospital, 119 by Abu Arish General Hospital, 98 by Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital, 60 by Bani Malik General Hospital, 56 by Samatah General Hospital, 44 by Al-Aridha Hospital, 33 by Fayfa General Hospital, 31 by Ahad Al Masarihah Hospital, 30 by Al-Tuwal General Hospital, 21 by Al-Eidabi General Hospital, 11 by Farasan Hospital General, and 5 surgeries by Al-Darb Hospital.

Last Update : 24 June 2020 07:35 AM
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