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Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs Activates «Tetamman» Clinics
18 June 2020

​​​Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs General Directorate keeps on activating «Tetamman» Clinics, which are meant to early provide medical care to patients and reduce referrals to hospitals designated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to serve everyone, who develops COVID-19 symptoms, including a high temperature that may be accompanied by shortness of breath or coughing. The clinics operate 24/7, and receive patients without prior appointments.

“These clinics are available at Al Rifa'a Health Center, Al-Hamidiyah Health Center- Al-Qurayyat, Al-Haditha Health Center, Al-Issawiya Health Center, in addition to Al- Al-Issawiya Hospital and Al-Haditha Hospital,” stated the Affairs.

It is worth mentioning that «Tetamman» Clinics are an initiative launched by MOH to serve those persons, who want to be reassured about their health when showing COVID-19 symptoms, May Allah forbid. The person can directly head to these clinics without a prior appointment, instead of going to the hospitals’ emergency departments. Also, MOH has provided a service on its portal, enabling persons to know the locations of «Tetamman» Clinics.

Last Update : 21 June 2020 11:49 AM
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