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Health Awareness Volunteering Campaign Launched in Malls, Markets
17 June 2020
In continuation of the ‘Health Awareness Volunteering’ field campaign launched by MOH’s Health Volunteer Center, the center launched on Tuesday, 16th of June, its health awareness campaign in malls and markets. The campaign comes in line with the gradual return to normal life under the theme: “We Return with Caution”, as the government eases the precautionary measures across KSA. 

It is another episode of the awareness campaign launched in mosques with the aim of intensifying efforts towards spreading awareness and health education across the Kingdom. Led by health volunteers, the campaign is also joined by all society groups, especially relevant non-profit and non-governmental organizations. They seek to support the government's efforts to limit the spread of the novel Coronavirus and contribute to a safe and secure return to normal life.

The campaign mainly focuses on disseminating reliable health information and intensifying awareness among visitors of shopping centers and popular markets. Field efforts began in 150 malls and markets around the Kingdom (except in Makkah) to educate 1.5 million beneficiaries. Over 1,000 health volunteers are taking part in this campaign until the end of the week, with a total of more than 25,000 volunteering hours.

Furthermore, the campaign seeks to increase health awareness in mosques, shopping malls, labor residences, factories and government agencies in 6 weeks since its start. It will provide volunteering opportunities in the field of health education with the aim of enabling over 4,000 health volunteers in 20 different cities to provide education and counseling to more than 3 million beneficiaries. These volunteers are trained and provided with the support they need for the campaign.

Noteworthy, the Health Volunteer Center was recently established at MOH. It was part of the Community Participation Program’s initiatives, within MOH’s National Transformation Program. The center aims to manage and regulate health volunteering. It also seeks to participate in developing volunteering legislations and regulations and laying the foundations for monitoring health volunteering in the health sector to. Furthermore, it targets increasing the number of volunteers to reach one million by 2030.

Last Update : 19 June 2020 01:45 AM
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