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Bisha Health Affairs: 387 Donors Received by Blood Donation Campaigns
15 June 2020

​Bisha Health Affairs General Directorate, represented by the Blood Bank of King Abdullah Hospital, has implemented several initiatives for blood donation, since Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. These initiatives include (With Our Hands We Cure them and With Our Blood We Save Them) Campaign, (Stay and We Will Reach You) Campaign, and others, receiving 387 donors.

According to the Affairs, these initiatives aim to boost the culture of blood donation and volunteer work among citizens and residents, as well as meeting the needy patients’ needs of blood transfusion. Also, these initiatives come as part of the Affairs’ efforts to enhance charity and voluntary work, highlighting the fact that all citizens and residents can participate in blood donation campaigns through blood bank of King Abdullah Hospital or via «Wateen» Blood Donation App.

Last Update : 15 June 2020 02:07 PM
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