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3,288 New COVID-19 Cases Reported in KSA, 40% Is Attributable to Lack of Social Distancing
09 June 2020

​A press conference was held on Tuesday, the participants in which included Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, Assistant Minister of Health and MOH spokesman, Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Al-Toyan, Director General of the MOFA Communication and New Media Center, and Mr. Tayseer Al-Mefrej, Executive Director or Communication and Awareness at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

The MOH spokesman revealed that 3,288 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in the Kingdom: 1099 in Riyadh, 447 in Jeddah, 411 in Makkah, 198 in Dammam, 161 in Madinah, 145 in Al-Khobar, 131 in Al-Qatif, 94 in Hofuf, 53 in Al-Jubail, 50 in Khamis Meshait, 46 in Al-Mubriz, 42 in Taif, 39 in Mazahimiyah, 38 in Al-Dhahran, 24 in Ras Tannourah, 23 in Hafr Al-Batin, 18 in Abha, 18 in Uhud Rufaidah, 18 in Safwi, 17 in Hail, 16 in Al-Kharj, 13 in Mahahyel Assir, 12 in Al-Deriyah, 11 in Wadi Al-Dawasser, 9 in Najran, 8 in Al-Nuairiyah, 7 in Yanbu, 7 in Bish, 6 in Al-Jafr, 6 in Bisha, 6 in Hotat Bani Tamim, 5 in Al-Khafji, 5 in Jazan, 5 in Samitah, 5 in Yudmah, 5 in Huraimelaa, 4 in Unaiza, 4 in Al-Qunfudah, 4 in Al-Qurai, 4 in Wuqia, 4 in Al-Kamil, 4 in Al-Dawadmi, 4 in Tabuk, 3 in Al-Mikhwah, 3 in Baqiq, 3 in Al-Majmaah, 3 in Al-Quaieyah, 3 in Rafae’ Al-Jamsh, 2 in Al-Baha, 2 in Buraidah, 2 in Al-Mahani, 2 in Al-Sahn, 2 in Al-Muddah, 2 in Al-Nimas, 2 in Qaryat Al-Ulya, 2 in Sebia, 2 in Adham, 2 in Afif, 2 in Layla, 2 in Al-Dalam, 2 in Al-Rain, 2 in Sajir, 2 in Thadiq, and one case in Al-Ula, Mhad Al-Zahab, Al-Haditha Port, Al-Muzelef, Theriban, Dhulam, Al-Majardah, Sarat Ubaidah, Sabt Al-Elaya, Tubala, Uraierah, Al-Mawsim, Rabigh, Al-Hariq, Al-Zulfi, Ruwaidat Al-Ard, and Numair.

This brings the total COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom to 108571 cases, including 31449 active cases, receiving the medical care they may be in need of. Of these, there are 1686 critical cases, whereas the health condition of the rest is stable.

Of the cases reported today, 52% are Saudi citizens, and 48% are non-Saudi residents. About 32% of the cases are females, and 68% are males. Only 5% of the reported cases are older persons, 11% are children, and 84% are adults. According to Al-Abdulaali, the number of new recoveries has amounted to 1,815, bringing the total recoveries to date to 76,339. And 37 new deaths were reported, bringing the total deaths to 783. As for COVID-19 testing, 20,858 new  tests were conducted today, bringing the total tests so far to 997,673.

The MOH spokesman pointed to the increase in the daily rate of COVID-19 deaths, which is correlated to a recent spike in the numbers of new confirmed cases. He attributed this spike to lack of social distancing, which he had hinted at last week. Epidemiological surveillance has reported that about 40% of the recent cases were triggered by lack of social distancing: a young man or woman goes out, heads to crowded places, contracts infection, and then infects the other family members, some of whom might be of the high-risk groups. 

According to Dr. Al-Abdulaali, anyone who has symptoms or wants an assessment can use the self-assessment service on ‘Mawid’ application. Citizens who have questions can also inquire or seek advice by calling the 937 Call Center, available 24/7. The call center is now made closer to everyone than ever. Citizens can also benefit from its interactive services through WhatsApp application on the number 920005937. They can have access to health information and updates on COVID-19. The service also provides users with information on blood donation and primary health care centers (PHCs). Besides, it enables them to reserve appointments.

The MOH spokesman stated that the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has jumped to 7,136,366 cases, of which 3,309,447 cases have recovered to date. As for the COVID-19 death toll, it has jumped to 406913.

For his part, the MOFA spokesman, Mr. Ahmed Al-Toyan, mentioned that the Ministry has organized flights for the Saudis abroad willing to return back home. Over the past period, 47,500 Saudis have already arrived on board of 250 flights, from 51 destinations. Other flights have been organized to carry 13,000 citizens back home till the end of June.

The SFDA spokesman, Tayseer Al-Mefrej, on his part, confirmed that face-masks are available at all pharmacies and points of sale. There are 25 million face-masks available now, which is 65% higher than the availability rate of face-makes, compared to last last Thursday. He mentioned, also, that some 69 hand-sanitizer factories are working hard across the Kingdom to meet the high demand. Moreover, the SFDA has made it possible to locate pharmacies with face-masks in stock through ‘Tameny’ application.

Last Update : 11 June 2020 10:57 AM
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