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New Volunteering Campaign Raises Health Awareness at Mosques
05 June 2020

The MOH’s Health Volunteer Center has launched a new health awareness volunteering campaign. The kick-off of the campaign's field activities was on Friday, in coordination with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance. It coincides with the return of Friday prayers throughout the Kingdom’s mosques (except those in Makkah). Health volunteers are present during prayers to spread awareness and educate on ways to stay safe and protected from COVID-19.

The number of volunteers who participated in the campaign reached 1,500 in more than 250 mosques across KSA. They have volunteered for a total of 3,000 hours. Their volunteering efforts are focused on educating praying individuals on the importance of adhering to the preventive measures required during this stage. Some of these measures include social distancing, using a personal payer rug, wearing a face-mask, and avoiding congestion during prayer times. They also encourage individuals who are at high risk of contracting an infection to avoid crowded areas or stay home.

This campaign comes in line with the government's trend towards easing the precautionary measures and gradually encouraging a return to normal life. Furthermore, it keeps pace with the theme of the current stage: “We Return With Caution”. It also aims to reinforce the efforts made to spread awareness and health education across the Kingdom. The campaign is led by health volunteers, with the participation of all groups of the society, especially relevant NGOs and NPOs. The campaign was received with positive reactions from individuals who pray in mosques. They emphasized their support for MOH’s efforts and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

MOH stated that the campaign mainly focuses on disseminating reliable health information and intensifying awareness in all available methods about the necessary preventive measures during the current period. Moreover, the campaign contributes to reducing the spread of the pandemic throughout the next 6 weeks by opening volunteering opportunities in awareness raising-activities. This step enables over 4,000 trained and supported health volunteers in 20 different cities to give education and counseling to more than 3 million beneficiaries.

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