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Riyadh: Over 127 Patients Served by Afif Governorate in 3 Months
10 May 2020

​According to Riyadh Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year, Afif Governorate provided health services to more than 127,000 patients. Afif General Hospital served 72,380 patients, with 18,401 emergencies and 14,049 outpatients, of whom 1,055 beneficiaries of the various specialized clinics that were created by attracting highly experienced medical consultants to improve the quality of health services.

“Also, the hospital performed 265 surgeries, including major and one-day surgeries in various medical specialties, in addition to 37,916 lab tests and 540 dialysis sessions. Over the same period, the primary healthcare centers (totaling 34) served 54,418 patients,” stated the Affairs.

The Affairs highlighted that the Pharmaceutical Care Department has recently launched the medicine home delivery service to chronic disease patients of outpatient clinics and primary healthcare centers within the governorate.

It is worth mentioning thta this service comes as part of the hospital administration’s efforts to enhance the precautionary steps for COVID-19 control, as well as harnessing all available capabilities to achieve this goal. The service is provided, via WhatsApp number: 0117221229, through which specialized cadres receive requests, handle them, and ensure the beneficiary’s eligibility, until the medicine is easily delivered at the patient's doorstep.

Last Update : 11 May 2020 03:15 PM
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