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MOH Continues with Expanded Coronavirus Screening via “Mawid” App
04 May 2020

In continuation of its preventive and precautionary measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that the expanded screening will continue to maintain the health of citizens and residents.  

MOH confirmed that the expanded screening will not include homes. The health centers began on last Sunday performing coronavirus tests for those who applied for it through its Mawid app. It will launch a set of other expanded test procedures later.  

During the first stage of the expanded screening, MOH’s field teams have carried out active surveillance in densely populated neighborhoods and labor housing in cities, it said, noting that the expanding screening was instrumental in recording more infections, and at the same time contributing to more effectively contain the spread of the virus. MOH continues with carrying out the active surveillance as a proactive field testing and in the context of the measures taken to combat the world pandemic. The testing aims to reaching out to people in their homes and to detect infected cases early even if they don’t show symptoms, in order to isolate them before they come in contact with others, and before they reached advanced stages that require to provide them with inpatient medical care. 
The active surveillance teams, who are on duty around the clock, feature a number of health specialties, in addition to the health awareness and education teams and a number of relevant government agencies to facilitate the teams’ mission, such as interpreting the verbal awareness messages. MOH underlined the importance of calling the 937 Service Center if they notice any of the pandemic’s symptoms and notifying them that the treatment is free as per the royal decree. 

Last Update : 06 May 2020 11:33 AM
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