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Al-Kharj: Epidemiological Surveillance Teams Intensify Work in Labor Accommodations
04 May 2020

Riyadh Health Affairs’ epidemiological surveillance teams, in cooperation with relevant government agencies and volunteering teams, continue with the epidemiological investigation in the popular neighborhoods and workers’ accommodations in order to expedite the early detection of the disease and curb its spread. The health field teams have intensified their work inside the neighborhoods and densely-populated housing complexes in line with the precautionary measures to control the COVID-19 and prevent its spread in the province.

The teams’ works include visual triage, collecting samples from suspected cases, raising awareness and educating workers about COVID-19, the importance of personal hygiene, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing and wearing face mask. To date, the teams have visited 204 sites, conducted preliminary testing, educated 5,703 workers and transferred 1,001 workers to school buildings provided by the province department of education.

Last Update : 03 June 2020 01:53 PM
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