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MOH: Regular Exercise Is Important to Avoid Weight Gain in Ramadan
04 May 2020

In continuation to its efforts and awareness messages, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has provided a number of health tips on the holy month of Ramadan, as part of its awareness campaign «Fast Healthy», launched in collaboration with SABIC Company. Through an awareness infographic published on its awareness platform: «Live Well» and on its Twitter page, MOH has advised all members of the society to significantly avoid weight gain during Ramadan, as well as practicing physical activity daily to burn extra calories.

Also, MOH has recommended all people to reduce the daily sodium intake to be less than 5 grams per day (equivalent to a small teaspoon); because consuming too much salt can increase the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Besides, MOH has highlighted the importance to start breakfast with soup, because it is light and easy to digest, meanwhile providing the body with fluids, vitamins and minerals, especially if it is made with vegetables or beans.

Last Update : 04 May 2020 01:23 PM
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