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Jazan Health Affairs Carries on Fight against COVID-19
30 April 2020

​The hospitals and medical sectors of Jazan Health Affairs General Directorate continue enforcing the strict precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Field specialized medical teams at health facilities continue to conduct their tours within the framework of the Active Surveillance Program. They aim to detect infections among workers within their residences in all governorates of the region.

Inspective field tours were carried out last night by the medical and health teams at Sabya General Hospital and the Health Centers Department in the Western Sector of Goz Al-Jaaferah, Sabya Governorate. The teams measured the temperature of workers and checked for COVID-19 symptoms. They also took blood samples from suspected cases. The workers were provided with the necessary health education in their native languages to ensure correct information is conveyed.

Just like all teams affiliated to Jazan Health Affairs Directorate, the aforementioned teams are working hard to intensify the active surveillance. They test workers at their dwellings and workplaces located within the teams’ scope of work. Health visits are also conducted within the framework of the Active Surveillance Program to workers' dwellings in the Western Sector's work area. Furthermore, the surveillance is carried out in areas of gatherings, to test workers for the virus. The aim is to reveal the extent to which these housings comply with health requirements.

Jazan Health Affairs has taken several precautionary measures to prevent the novel Coronavirus from spreading to the area early on. The visual screening will be applied across all hospitals and health centers in the region. The number of outpatients and visitors to health facilities was reduced. Moreover, they were provided with remote services. Jazan Health Affairs has also worked on qualitative initiatives, such as delivering medicines to patients with chronic diseases at their homes, in addition to delivering nutritional supplements and medical supplies to beneficiaries of home medical services.

Not only that, Jazan Health Affairs has also paid attention to continued blood donations to maintain blood bank stock levels in the region's hospitals at safe levels. It launched  “Donate from Home” initiative through an online link. This initiative enables those willing to donate blood to fill out the required data. Afterwards, the proper date for the donation shall be determined. An equipped medical team shall then visit the donor at home to complete the donation process after the necessary medical tests are conducted. 

Noteworthy, several hospitals in the region, including private hospitals, have launched blood donation campaigns for their staff. They have also carried out external campaigns in cooperation with various security departments and the armed forces. Furthermore, they implemented intensive awareness campaigns and launched the “ATM Sterilization” initiative. They also raised awareness among citizens within markets and shops, alongside with other awareness-raising activities.

Last Update : 01 June 2020 02:15 AM
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