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Jazan: Prince Mohammed bin Nasser Hospital Collects over 1,000 Blood Components
29 April 2020
​Prince Muhammed bin Nasser Hospital, in collaboration with the Laboratory and Blood Bank Department at Jazan Health Affairs, has collected about 334 different types of blood through 6 blood donation campaigns.

According to the Affairs, the campaign started at Prince Muhammed bin Nasser Hospital, then Eradah Mental Health Hospital, Al-Emeis Hospital, Al-Hayat National Hospital and the General Directorate of Civil Defense staff. Also, Jazan University has launched a mobile blood donation campaign in cooperation with “Sheryan Society” at Al-Baher village. 

The campaigns have collected 334 different blood types. Each blood unit is separated into 3 components, including red blood cell concentrates, blood platelets, and blood plasma. This brings the total to 1,002 units of different blood components, adds the Affairs. 

It is noteworthy that these blood units are used to treat genetic blood disorders, tumors and heart patients in hospitals

Last Update : 01 June 2020 02:09 PM
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