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Bisha: Over 25,000 Workers Screened for Coronavirus
28 April 2020

​Bisha Health Affairs has launched awareness campaigns at commercial centers, petrol stations and expatriate workers housing compounds in all Bisha provinces on coronavirus prevention measures and ensuring that everyone is abiding by the measures. The campaigns aim to raise their awareness about the importance of personal hygiene, washing hands properly, not touching the face and practicing social distancing. Also, awareness brochures and posters in different languages were distributed during the campaigns.

The preventive and precautionary measures come as part of the Affairs efforts to combat the novel coronavirus in all its four provinces with the participation of an integrated medical team, it said. 

It added that during the month of Ramadan preventive measures will be taken to monitor the entrance of vendors and shoppers into commercial centers in order to reduce congestion during shopping. Also, awareness brochures were distributed and sorting and sanitization points were placed at all entrances, as well temperature checks on shoppers to maintain their public health.  

Last Update : 27 May 2020 02:43 PM
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