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Al-Rabiah: “Relaxing Curfew Doesn’t Mean Danger Is Over”
27 April 2020

​​​T​he Health Minister, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah confirmed that the partial lifting of the curfew was based on the indicators provided by the competent authorities that the citizens and residents are committed to social distancing and precautionary measures. 

Al-Rabiah pointed out the active surveillance in many neighborhoods has contributed to identifying the transmission cycles, the location of many cases, treating them and preventing their spread in different regions. To date, more than 2,000 tours have been conducted in the targeted neighborhoods. 

He said that the partial lifting of the curfew doesn’t mean the danger of COVID-19 is over and the virus still spreading all over the world, and still among us in all regions of the Kingdom. Those at a higher risk from coronavirus include people 65 years and older, people with chronic diseases and respiratory diseases and obesity, he added.
He urged everyone to wear face masks outside home for protection and to prevent the spread of infection. 

Al-Rabiah expressed his thanks to his colleagues (Heroes for health) who work tirelessly and honestly. 

"The Committee entitled to monitor the latest developments on coronavirus is keeping a close eye on all the indicators related to the spread of the pandemic, and based on that it makes the necessary recommendations to ensure the safety of the citizens and residents," he said.

Last Update : 28 April 2020 03:48 PM
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