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MOH Sends out Over 3 billion Educational Text Messages on Novel Coronavirus
16 April 2020

In cooperation with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), MOH has sent out over 3.6 billion awareness text messages on the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to various segments of citizens and residents. The messages were sent in various languages and posted on MOH's official platforms and its awareness platform ‘Live Well’ on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram. These educational text messages included tips and guidelines on how to address the virus. They explained the ways to prevent its spread, and deal with rumors about it.

Furthermore, they emphasized the importance of washing hands with soap and water, staying at home, avoiding crowding, using tissues for sneezing, and keeping at a distance of one and a half between one another. The messages also explained the correct method of receiving orders at home. In addition, they contained information on professions that increase the spread of the disease. Nearly 202601 individuals have received these messages.

MOH stated that the number of video views exceeded 103,000. The website recorded more than 15 million visits, and the number of responses to the new Coronavirus test via ‘Mawid’ (Appointment) application reached over 377,000. Moreover, 480 television educational breaks were produced and broadcasted on TV, in addition to 422 designed educational publications. Several awareness campaigns were launched, including ‘Athreenkom’ (You’re Excused), and ‘Metr wa Nesf’ (A Meter and a Half) initiatives. An awareness channel was also launched on Telegram to make it easier for beneficiaries to download these productions and share them with others. About 137,000 individuals have benefited from them so far. Additionally, a comprehensive educational guide was issued. It included advice for citizens returning to KSA.

This step comes in continuation of the novel Coronavirus awareness campaign launched by MOH in conjunction with the outbreak of the virus, under the theme  “Prevent Coronavirus”. It aims to educate all members of the society about the new Coronavirus. It also guides them towards correct behaviors that contribute to preventing the disease and limiting its spread. 

MOH stressed the importance of obtaining information from reliable sources, such as the Ministry’s e-portal and its official accounts on social media. Citizens can also obtain information through the official account of 937 Service Center and Live Well's account, which is dedicated to raising awareness about COVID-19. 

MOH called on everyone to support the efforts made to combat this virus and do whatever needed to limit its spread. Moreover, it called upon citizens and residents to contact phone number (937) to have their inquiries answered and be provided with consultations on the novel Coronavirus 24/7. The Ministry stressed that everyone should adhere to the awareness instructions it issued to avoid infection.

Last Update : 04 May 2020 11:06 AM
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