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COVID-19 Monitoring Committee Urges Citizens and Residents to Stay Home
08 April 2020

​On Wednesday morning, the COVID-19 Monitoring Committee held its 49th meeting. Chaired by the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, the meeting was attended by the committee members, who represent the relevant government agencies. During the meeting, all relevant COVID-19 updates and reports were reviewed. The committee has discussed the global epidemiological situation, as well as the cases reported locally and their health condition. All precautionary measures carried out at the points of entry into the Kingdom will continue in full, the Committee stressed, and will be further tightened. The Committee commended the citizens’ compliance with the curfew, and called on them to stay home, and refrain from going unless necessary

The meeting was followed by a joint press conference, the participants in which included Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, MOH spokesman, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Mutlaq, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) spokesman. The MOH spokesman mentioned that the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has jumped to 1,440,000 cases, of which 307,000 cases have recovered to date. As for the COVID-19 death toll, it has jumped to 83000.

“As for the COVID-19 status in the Kingdom,” Al-Abdulaali noted, “we announced yesterday that the number of new confirmed cases was 190. That was actually only a part. The updated number of new cases tested positive for the virus has mounted to 327 cases. We will continue to keep you updated at this time every day. And then, after the daily update related to you through a press conference, the official COVID-19 website will be updated as well. Thus, the total number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 2,932 cases, including 2,260 cases currently receiving medical care.” The number of recoveries has also risen to 631, whereas the deaths have mounted to 41.

Dr. Al-Abdulaali revealed that MOH has released a new application ‘Tatammen’ (Rest Assured) as part of the fight against the novel Coronavirus. The Saudi citizens and residents in home-isolation or quarantine (whether at hospitals or their homes) can use this application to be better informed about the measures designed to ensure their safety and recovery. This service is provided by the MOH, in collaboration with several competent government agencies. These include: Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Communication (MOC). This partnership is intended to provide an integrated, high-quality service. The MOH spokesman reiterated that anyone who develops symptoms, or is willing to get medical advice, can use the self-assessment application ‘Mawid’, or call 937 which works around the clock.

For his part, Muhammad Al-Mutlaq, the official spokesman of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), stated that the Ministry has taken several precautionary measures to counter the novel Coronavirus and limit its spread. For example, it has launched many judicial services provided electronically to beneficiaries at their homes, without them having to physically visit the Ministry’s headquarters.

Al-Mutlaq stressed that MOJ and enforcement courts have coordinated with the agencies concerned with enforcing the Royal Decree prescribing suspension of all judicial rulings and final commands related to imprisoning convicts in private right cases, and release them immediately. All cases related to visitation rights would also be suspended, and electronic imprisonment decisions would immediately be halted. Moreover, coordination with the relevant authorities has taken place to enforce the rulings of prison visits, so that those requests and judicial orders get suspended until the concerned committee announces the end of these measures.

He explained that there are several e-services provided by MOJ to enable citizens to receive all judicial services at the comfort of their homes, without having to show up in person at the MOJ headquarters. Furthermore, many courts offer their services electronically, whether hearings, court decision enforcement, or various kinds of notaries.

Al-Mutlaq pointed out that the Ministry has launched 120 electronic services announced in a manual published by the Ministry, setting out further details about these e-services.

MOJ has also launched many portals that enable beneficiaries to communicate with the Ministry to obtain the services they need. One of those portals is (Nafith). It provides citizens with all judicial services remotely. “The Ministry has also launched a unified communications center (phone number 950), whose purpose is to communicate with beneficiaries, and provide them with the needed judicial services remotely,” he noted.

He noted that over the past period, several processes and requests were successfully implemented for all beneficiaries. MOJ is still in the process of launching a number of e-services that would enable beneficiaries to obtain all their needs from judicial facilities. He highlighted some of the remote judicial services launched by MOJ, including the e-record authentication service. He added that this authentication happens via the e-services portal, which can be accessed with a verification number. Afterwards, electronic settings can be approved without the need to visit judicial premises.

With regard to the MOJ transactions, two services were launched after the inauguration of the digital transformation system. In terms of real estate ownership transfer, beneficiaries can apply for it through the e-portal. The two involved parties must have a registered account in (Absher), as well as an intermediary bank account. Afterward, the amount of the purchase in the account is checked, then the ownership of the property is transferred immediately and automatically, without human intervention.

Al-Mutlaq further expounded that MOJ had previously provided an electronic authorization service, which enables beneficiaries to issue authorizations, either through the electronic portal or the unified phone number (950). He went on to explain that the recent update allows issuing all kinds of authorizations with all their items, without the need to visit notaries. The Ministry has also provided a service that allows citizens to view electronic judicial deeds. This service lets beneficiaries view deeds issued in court cases, as well as keep copies of them, without having to visit the court.

Furthermore, MOJ launched “Taradi” (mutual conciliation) digital platform, specialized in remote conciliation. This platform is accessible to beneficiaries and a reformer. The reformer attempts to remotely reconcile the involved parties’ situation. A conciliation report is issued afterwards, and must be enforced before enforcement courts, Al-Mutlaq said. 

Additionally, MOJ has launched “Mazaad” (Auction) platform, which enables citizens to enter and register the data of the property to be auctioned, in accordance with the decisions of enforcement courts. Whoever wishes to buy the property makes a bid on it through the platform. A person can enter and register their information and take part in the electronic auction. Moreover, MOJ has provided a service that allows issuing judicial licenses remotely, including permits for legal practice, training, or other kinds of permits.

Through its e-services portal, MOJ launched the open application e-service, whether in courts or enforcement courts. This service enables beneficiaries to access the electronic portal and submit their applications, then the department makes its decision with regard to each application. The final result is then delivered to each beneficiary. MOJ has also made online training available, enabling trainees to obtain their certificates remotely. 

Al-Multaq stated that nearly 300,000 beneficiaries have accessed the electronic services portal since the date of suspending work in courts and notaries. The portal has provided about 300,000 services to its users, alongside with some services that it is currently working to launch to enable citizens to obtain all judicial services remotely. 

In this regard, Al-Mutlaq said that MOJ is continuously coordinating with MOH by taking into account all aspects related to containing the situation of the novel Coronavirus. Their efforts aim to remotely offer more services to all beneficiaries. “If any new services are launched, they will be officially announced,” he added.

On the remote conciliation initiative, Al-Mutlaq stated that conciliation centers (one of MOJ’s sectors) have been launched and activated. Over the past period, these centers played a major role in increasing the rates of cases that ended in conciliation. In 2018, nearly 20,000 cases ended in conciliation, while in 2019, about 30,000 cases ended in reconciliation. This proves that there has been a noticeable increase within only one year.

He pointed out that MOJ launched ‘Taradi’ platform, which enables beneficiaries to access the conciliation application. The MOJ reformer then starts the conciliation. Afterwards, whatever result is reached, a report (which would be deemed an executive document enforced before enforcement courts) is issued. This happens in accordance with Article (9) of the Implementing Regulations.

On remote judicial hearings and the extent to which they can be applied, Al-Mutlaq pointed out that MOJ has activated and enabled remote defense; which is more general than a judicial hearing. Parties of the case can submit requests, notes, and pleadings, as well as receive copies of verdicts electronically and automatically. MOJ will soon announce judicial sessions that were held remotely.

Regarding the number of imprisonment decisions and legitimate sighting and visitation cases that were suspended, Al-Mutlaq stressed that the number of imprisonment decisions made in implementation of the royal order reached 70,000. They were all suspended by enforcement courts. The number of sighting and visitation cases reached approximately 5,000, which were suspended by MOJ. More than one child could be involved in a single case, making up a total of 13,000 cases suspended within the framework of the precautionary measures taken to combat the new Coronavirus.

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