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Jazan Health Affairs Launches Medication Home Delivery Initiative
05 April 2020

​Jazan Health Affairs has launched an initiative to deliver medications to patients at their homes from all hospitals and healthcare centers in the region. The initiative comes in continuation of the initiatives launched by the affairs, as part of its precautionary measures to contain COVID-19 and curb its spread. ​

In addition, the affairs has launched other initiatives, including: (Donate from Home), which will be launched this week, targeting 50 bags of blood every day. Donators will be visited at their home after completing e-applications for blood donation. The affairs also launched (Know Corona) initiative, which aims to raise awareness about COVID-19 and washing hands properly. It was implemented at the provinces’ main offices, police and security centers, major retail markets, Jazan reformatory, Jazan airport (before closure), and the sea port. Besides, ATMs have been disinfected and provided with safety equipment. It also launched (The country Needs You) initiative through an awareness video including MOH’s guidelines, with the participation of the region’s officials and intellectuals.  

Last Update : 06 April 2020 01:43 AM
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