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MOH: 2500 Cases Leave Guest Houses after Testing Negative for COVID-19
30 March 2020
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that a total of 2500 individuals have been discharged from guest houses, after testing negative for COVID-19, and a 14-day quarantine.

According to MOH, all the discharged cases had gone through the necessary medical procedures, undergone the required tests, and received high-level medical care provided by integrated medical crews made up of physicians, specialists and nurses.

The Ministry made sure to meet all the guests’ needs during their stay at guest houses. Furthermore, it kept connected to those guests, both socially and psychologically. It also raised their awareness through the internal screens available at those guest houses, in addition to communicating with them through a number that is dedicated for boosting health awareness, and providing medical and psychosocial advice. MOH stressed that it has coordinated with the General Authority of Civil Aviation to secure flights to the individuals living in a city other than the city where they were quarantined.

The discharged guests, for their part, thanked MOH for the impressive health care and distinguished services they had received.

As part of the MOH’s efforts to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and further to the precautionary measures it applies to suppress its spread, the Ministry has prepared a number of health guest houses, where the suspected cases are tested and quarantined for 14 days. By doing so, MOH seeks to preserve their health, and prevent the transmission of infection to those in contact with them.

Last Update : 02 April 2020 10:02 AM
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