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COVID-19 Follow-up Committee Lauds Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' Speech
20 March 2020

​On Friday afternoon, the COVID-19 Follow-up Committee held its 30th meeting. Chaired by the Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfik bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah, the meeting was attended by the committee members, who represent the relevant government sectors. At the outset of the meeting, the committee reviewed the content of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' speech, which includes parental guidance and appreciation of the efforts exerted by all health sectors to fight the COVID-19 and curb its spread in order to maintain the health of citizens and residents.  They extended thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince for their continuous support and attention and taking all precautionary measures to address the consequences. ​

During the meeting, all relevant COVID-19 updates and reports were reviewed. The committee discussed the epidemiological situation globally, as well as the cases reported locally. All the precautionary measures carried out at the points of entry into the Kingdom will continue in full, the committee stressed, and will be further enhanced.

MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad al-Abdulaali, said that all committee members were affected by the King's speech, which reflected the awareness of the difficulties witnessing all over the world and confirmed the Kingdom keenness and interest in the health and safety of all citizens and residents, and that believing in Allah and strength and stability of our society are the main factors that make the state's efforts to fight such epidemic successful.
The King's speech to all parties, particularly the health staff, has a great impact in boosting enthusiasm and responsibility to exert more efforts to maintain the health of our society, he added.  
He said that the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide has amounted to 245,000 cases, of which 86,000 cases have been cured to date. As for the COVID-19 death toll, it has jumped to 10,000.

So far, said al-Abdulaali, the Kingdom has reported 274 confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 8 cases of them have recovered and the remaining 266 cases are quarantined, receiving required medical care and are in good condition, with the exception of 2 critical cases.

The cases (135 males and 139 females) are adults with an average age of 45 years, except 7children. They include 175 Saudis and 99 non-Saudis, 197 of them got infected while traveling or transiting through countries where the virus spread, and one case for a female health practitioner in Riyadh, and the rest of the cases got infected as a result of contact with infected cases. Also, the quarantined cases amounted to 10,000 cases and the advanced laboratory examinations to 16,000, of which 274 were confirmed cases. The 937 Service Center received more than 250,000 inquiries about COVID-19.

 He advised everyone to abide by the following safety tips, avoiding handshakes, washing hands with soap and water frequently, avoiding gatherings and isolating arrivals from outside the Kingdom for 14 days, calling on them to use the COVID-19 symptoms self-assessment service via Mawid App. He stressed the importance of depending on the official sources for getting information, and not listening to rumors.  "Everyone who has coronavirus symptoms, or has an inquiry is welcomed to call our 937 Center, 24/7", he added.  

Last Update : 23 March 2020 03:21 PM
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