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MOH Outlines Procedures for Self-Isolation
18 March 2020

​As part of the precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 spread, the Ministry of Health (MOH) highlighted the proper ways of home quarantine. Through an Infographic published in its twitter page, MOH published awareness tips, including keeping windows open and making sure your home is always well ventilated and all surfaces are sanitized such as door handles and avoiding close contact with others. In addition, don't invite or receive visitors, don't share eating utensils, instead, use disposable paper plates, keep in touch with others over the phone or through social media and keep your personal items sanitized and don't share with others. ​

These precautionary measures come as part of the fight against the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and a continuation of the preventive measures meant to protect the health and well-being of the society, and curb the spread of the virus. MOH called on everyone to contact the 937 Service Center for any COVID-19-associated inquiries. In the meantime, it underscored the importance of getting information from the official sources, and not listening to rumors.

Last Update : 19 March 2020 01:10 PM
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